Friday, February 3, 2012

InstaFriday: A Room to Write

Happy Friday Friends!!

I'm super excited about today's InstaFriday. I've been waiting for days to show off my new room. My Room to Write. I'm not sure it's really Pinterest ready or anything, but there was a room in my house that no one was really using. It had kind of turned into a storage room/collect all the crap space. So...I took it.

I wanted a space. a room. a place to write that was all mine and used for no other purpose. No legos, no hot wheels, no one elses' coffee cups. All Mine.

So, I rearranged some stuff and bought some stuff and threw some stuff away and...

Here it is!

The desk. All mine.

and the couch. Sometimes, I just need to write on a couch.

I made these to remind me. And I used a glue stick. Totally counts as a craft!!

A few more reminders. Again with the gluestick! I'm a regular Martha!! Okay, not really, but I liked 'em!

and the pretty picture I found (for 12 bucks!)

A Room to Write.
Happy Friday!!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Washable Wednesday

Want to know the greatest thing about Crayola markers? Besides the fact they come in a zillion colors now. Scented and swirly and invisible and short and tall and…

They are WASHABLE!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The mess comes out! That’s such good news for my kitchen table. And my walls. And, if Brodie gets his hands on one…every other surface in my house. Every once in a while, though, I run across a stain. I know I’m horrible at putting laundry away…I’ve admitted that. It’s fine. But, I do wash it. And dry it. And fold it most of the time. And I also know a thing or two about getting stains out.

Good News! Here at Consider Me Krysten, Wednesdays are now the day where anything else I want becomes washable, too. I will be sorting, pre-treating, soaking and washing away any stain that may be trying to set in. (It’ll be fun, like reading my therapy, plus it gets me out of doing actual laundry)

Todays’ washable?


Even the word itself sounds damaged. Spilled red wine. Mixed with mustard.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that no one could make me feel inferior without my consent. Duh. That’s true. It’s also true that I often give them consent. Sometimes, actually most of the time, without even realizing I’ve done so. I get so wrapped up in believing that other people are better than I am, or even worse, that they know they’re better than I am and secretly sit around and laugh about how much better they are. I’m very important, don’t you know? I’m sure people have nothing better in the world to do than sit around and think about all my inferiorities.

I forget that 1. Even if they are superior in some aspect, it’s usually not that flippin’ important and matters so very little in the grand scheme of things. They’re superior because they’re there and I’m here. Right where I am. If I’m going to let someone make me feel inferior, it’s probably because I know if I really wanted what they had, the job, the house, the position, the esteem, I could have it. I just haven’t gotten there, yet and 2. To try and consider whether or not maybe it’s just ME who thinks they’re better. Sometimes I put stuff on people that doesn’t really belong to them. It’s not fair. For either side.

The truth is this particular stain, like most others I find around here, has some sort of fear base. It’s not impossible to get out. It usually just takes a little extra time since it’s been there for quite a while. I’m slowly figuring out that most of my inferiority crap revolves around the things I’m too scared to try myself. Maybe for fear of failure. Maybe for fear of success. Maybe for fear of my own damn shadow. I don’t know yet. I’m still working that part out. I mean, I very rarely feel inferior to people who are in positions I don’t want, right? I mean, I’m sure Mrs. Duggar is like ten times the woman I am, but I don’t feel inferior to her. I feel a fondness for her, I feel the need to pray for her…a lot, but not inferior. Nope.

The important thing is that I’m washing away that inferiority complex I occasionally rock. All sparkly and white. Ready to appear in public.

The secret solution might not be easy, but it’s a simple one in my world:

Step 1. Is it that important? Is it even a real issue or just something I’m making up? If it is real…

Step 2. STOP Feeling inferior!! Seriously, If my Grandmother Gillet knew I was letting myself feel like I wasn’t good enough, she’d roll over. Instead, I have to just stop and think…                  
Do I really want it? That thing that makes them superior? Do I want to be equal? If so…

Step 3. Why don’t I already have it? Is it because I’m afraid, because it’s not time or because I’m working on it?

If it’s because I’m afraid…that’s silly. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

If it’s not time…It’s not time. Wait.

If it’s because I’m working on it…that totally counts.

Moving on.                                                                                                                           

Three steps, Krysten. Cold water. Soap. Spin. Rinse. Repeat.  

Inferiority. Down the drain.

Happy Washable Wednesday

Maybe I should make “It’ll be fun, like reading my therapy” my new tag line.

What do you think? If you’re reading but not, you know, “Following”, you’ll have to do that first… J