Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear 5:15 am

Dear 5:15 am,

We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, the last 30 years or so, and I would like us to come to a mutual understanding of one another. My hope is that in time, we can become friends.
We’ve met a few times, in passing, and I’m sure your first impressions of me were not great. You probably thought I was a horrible, cranky, evil person who threw things and said things about you that were not very nice. You were right.  I do apologize for that. It was unfair of me to judge you before I actually got to know you a little.  I will admit that my first impression of you was that you were sent straight from the evil depths of despair to rob me of sleep and all things good and pure.

The few times we have met over the years have often involved rushing off to work, puking up last night’s Bud Light from a can or feeding a screaming baby. Let’s be honest, you haven’t tried very hard either. But, today is a new day and a chance for you and I to start off on the right foot. I didn’t trade you in for the snooze button this morning and I even managed to greet you with a little eagerness. That has to count for something, has to show I’m willing to try.
I do know it’s a little unfair that I come to you now, wanting imagination and productivity and quiet time. I understand that I haven’t been doing my part to nurture a healthy relationship so, here’s what I promise to you:

On the evenings before we plan to hang out, I promise to turn the television off and go to bed at a decent hour. I will not blame you if I’m tired and ill prepared.

I promise to greet you with appreciation if you promise to greet me with creativity.

I promise to meet you with a cup of coffee and a receptive mind if you promise to keep the boys asleep until 7:15.

I promise to actually spend the time writing and save Facebook, Pinterest and Perez for later in the day.

I promise to put my issues with accountability and commitment aside for awhile and give our relationship my very best shot.

I grew two humans, how hard can getting up early a few times a week be?
I look forward to getting to know you a little more intimately. You have come highly recommended by a few mutual friends who have nothing but nice things to say about you. I’m sure if I can learn to forgive you and you can learn to forgive me, we can set things straight and become a pretty amazing team.

Thanks in advance for the forgiveness and keeping an open mind.