Monday, June 10, 2013

On the eleventh day, God created Chaos

The eleventh day started at 6 am.

The hubby was long gone back to work but, thanks to my (almost) brand new coffee pot generously donated by my neighbor, Susan, the coffee was still hot.


We had a cup of coffee, a feeding, a bath (Due to a blow-out. And for the record, after my third baby, I’m still slightly amazed how a newborn can poop up) another feeding, some lotion, some powder and a cute outfit (Duh).

By 7, it was time to get Logan up, in the shower, dressed, shoes, hair, teeth, pack a lunch, pack a backpack, pack a snack & a pillow for Movie Day and make sure he had two bandaids on his big toe so he wouldn’t scream his bloody head off. I had to dress and brush Brodie, too. He’s not in preschool right now so at least there was only one lunch to pack. Finding Brodie’s shoes, however, was a feat in and of itself and I may have screamed, “If you don’t find it, I’m leaving without you!” at least once.

I had to brush my own hair and teeth, find my own shoes, have another cup of coffee and stop for one more feeding. I’m sure if I wasn’t running a million miles an hour, Miss Elizabeth would have been fine but, I’m pretty positive newborns are born with a sensor that tells them when you are busy and it triggers some sort of, “OMG, MOM! I’m STARVING! Please stop what you are doing and feed me again before. I. die.” response.

And, of course, it was during this particular feeding that Brodie went poop and needed my help wiping. He’s such a big boy! And I’m so proud of him! (Confession of the day: Sometimes, I think diapers were easier than potty training)

By 8, I was loading car seats and kids into my car. It was the first time I’ve had all three in the car at the same time. Logan, thankfully, can buckle himself but Brodie and Elizabeth had to be loaded and buckled. (Insert sweating). The good news is, dropping Logan off at school by 8:10 means he can eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

God Love Public Schools.

After drop-off, we were down to two kids, which may sound easier but since I dropped off my main ‘helper’ at school, it really wasn’t because I had to make a stop at Walgreens. Brodie, who never found his shoes and insisted on wearing his Elmo slippers, had to walk like a big boy in the store and Elizabeth screamed through the whole trip.

We made it home by 8:45 and had another feeding. (Quietly chanting, breast is best, breast is best, breast is best…right?) I stalled Brodie long enough to get through the feeding, after which he demanded Dinosaur Chicken for breakfast.


Elizabeth went down for a nap, Brodie ate his chicken, I started a load of laundry (Four people make a lot of laundry, Five people make MORE laundry. Right. From. The. Start.) paid some bills, wiped down a counter or two, emptied some trash cans, fought some bad guys, read a book, put on Netflix…

And started another pot of coffee.

Here I sit, 10 am, ready for a nap, still grateful for my family of five, but a little more exhausted than I was on day four, when I had help during the morning hustle and bustle. I’m confident I’ll get better at it. I’m psyched there are only two more days of school left.

I’m positive newborn snuggles and three year old kisses and six year old hugs make it all worth it.

So, for those who have been asking, that’s pretty much what it’s like so far.

Three kids. Bam.  =) 

Happy Day Eleven, Friends.
go. do. be.

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